Dear WordPress,

it is a surprise to see adverts on our blog, and apparently their possibility was written into terms since 2006. Perhaps it is a compliment to the little success of a blog last year, with 18000 visits, with adverts clearly tailored to content too, but on the other hand, since we do not all want to turn into the Stepford Wives, you seemed to make much of freedom of speech, and a ban on WordPressers themselves adding adverts. What exactly is your policy? Since we have written to your editors several times to see if you might highlight a blog that was a fight for writers and artists’ voices in publishing, on some very interesting issues too, perhaps you can send us a little cheque to help support us! Not too grumpy in the ‘real’ world, but is not one truth of the Internet that you cannot get the profile and traffic, unless you have the resources to pump up the volume? Perhaps in the spirit of truth you will highlight this blog instead and turn us into an uncapitalised version of The Huffington Post. Actually, since we have given energy, stories, poems and articles completely free, and with no resources but the human, and have just seen an ad for Home Insurance for the Over Fifties, can you please take the bloody things away?

best wishes, Phoenix Ark Press

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