Dear Mr. Davies,

I must say, your novels have been the most influential books I’ve ever laid my hands on. I cannot ever thank you enough for expressing the beautiful things you do in The Sight, Fell, Fire Bringer, and The [amazing] Telling Pool. I have been trying to share your books with as many people as possible, because I cannot possibly believe how so many modern-day writers with little talent and morality can be more famous than you are. Perhaps I may be privileged enough to meet you one day, and last but not least, I hope you are forever blessed with happiness.

Oh, and I have a small quetion to ask. After recently finishing Fell, I find myself thinking, “What happened to Slavka?”. She joined the pack at the end of The Sight, or so I remember, but in Fell I see no mention of her. Did I overlook something?

Thank you for everything you are and everything you’ve done.

Your devoted fan,


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