Phoenix Ark Press are delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of The Terror Time Spies by David Clement-Davies. The first in a thrilling adventure series about the soon to be famous Pimple Club, based on rumours of a daring English aristocrat, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and set during the French Revolution’s horrifying reign of terror.

It is Henry Bonespair’s birthday and he has been given a very strange present, a beautiful watch, while he and his tomboy sister Spike, in their wild little gang called The Rat Catchers, prepare to make a dangerous journey with their father to Revolutionary Paris. But the trip is cancelled, as fear and horror mount abroad, so when pretty French émigré Juliette St Honore is kidnapped by French Spies, there is nothing for it but to form a brand new gang, go to Paris, rescue Juliette from the jaws of the Guillotine and defeat the Frenchies themselves! Little do the daring Pimpernel Club know that Henry’s watch conceals not only a grave English spy secret, but can also open a doorway into some very strange and exciting worlds indeed. Perhaps through time itself.

Coming this July

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