On a far sillier and happier note, readers, especially younger ones, are not interested in the privates lives of mad, disgraced authors, or the stupidness of adults, only in a good story. The Terror Time Spies was that story held up at Abrams and it was specifically written to try and help younger valiants, with so much terror and fear in the world. If truth be told, it was also intended as the start of a much lighter and funnier series than the label of epic author that was earned or stamped on a writer’s head, and with the gorgeous hope of making a lot of money too, and buying everyone an ice cream!

It is set during that blood soaked Reign of Terror, during the French Revolution, and is loosely based around the wonderfully dasterdly deeds of The Scarlet Pimpernel. It is almost ready, so do enjoy the cover and please be assured that like other promises, often delayed, in the battle to be and breathe again like a human being, it is coming soon…

Phoenix Ark Press

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