Maybe wolves were an issue, not to mention polar bears! Certainly painted awfully in the old christian language of Good and Evil, Dark and Light, and in Medieval days even put on trial. Poor Red Riding Hood, in Angela Carter’s adult Fairy Tales, padding in the Company of Wolves. Transformed under a lunatic moon, out of a man into a werewolf. Altered States, like that Kronenberg movie about love and trust. David was neither Larka, nor actually Fell, but more Fell than Larka, since he had no sisters!

Wolves are remarkably like pack driven humans, in some ways, except that despite those alphas, betas and omegas, they seem not to abandon their own, especially when injured. The song of the wild wolf, and then the rising pack, is one of the most haunting in all nature. They are far more powerful than dogs, genetically, with jaws that have something like ten times the bite. Up in a wolf stanctury in Colorado, when what DCD had thought what was his pack, his home, back in NYC, and never was, had shut him out, he heard a lovely tale. Of how one had died and his mate lay down to grieve. That evening, when she (or he?) cried to the moon, the others stayed eerily silent.

As elephants seem to pass the bones of dead elephants between their trunks, as if asking some strange question, coming to consciousness, with their bodies. As Giant Squid flaring bright red, in anger or fear, turn blue when approached with care and intelligence. The Supernature of life is astonishing, but if we think we are always so right, we have another thing coming. But as for favourite animals here, why not the dolphin, those brilliantly fast and playful healers of the sea? Is it true they hunt sharks and can stun or kill by slamming nose first into them? To listen to the crack crack crack of Dolphin chatter in sparkling water is wonderful, like the huge, hauntingly deep and longing song of whales. DCD should have been given the chance to write a book on dolphins and ancient Crete called The Sacred Swimmers.

But there you go, adopt a company animal like the dolphin and live in water and sunlight!

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