Phoenix Ark Press openly invites Abrams to privately answer the question of whether the always missing person in a strange puzzle, actually works at Abrams too. If that is true, then politics is a very nasty business indeed, but a great many scales will fall from a great many clouded eyes. It would explain something that could not have been cowardice, or compassion either. Still, easily answered. A publisher engaged in appalling abuse, especially of the spirit of the child inside an author, but of many basic principles. They should all actually read Fell and understand most precisely why, and it’s free tomorrow! Young adult or any good writing isn’t some game you write the cheque for, then expect certain delivery, it demands the right conditions. But with secrets, dark fears, or misunderstandings so much there, there is actually only one person alive who, with courage, could possibly heal it now. Fear always kills. No prayers have ever been answered there before though, so a person and Abrams will ignore many ‘unbelievable’ truths, and the God or Devil language they misuse daily, and stand over continued harm.


Phoenix Ark Press

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