A television fitness trainer who had battled drink and drug problems revealed how her “heart was broken, her spirit was broken” before leaping to her death from Beachy Head, an inquest heard on Thursday. Angie Dowds, from ITV’s weight-loss challenge show The Biggest Loser, also told her girlfriend in text messages that she would be “in peace soon” before jumping from the suicide spot. Witnesses reported seeing her “walking purposely” towards the cliff edge near Eastbourne, East Sussex, before disappearing over a sheer drop just after 4.30pm on November 20 last year. Aol.

We all have secrets, shames, those room 101’s, we would do anything to hide, or some would, but find the people you trust to speak with and don’t live in fear or isolated addiction. Why do people want to break spirits, or hearts, is it because they can’t believe in anything bigger themselves? The media glare though can be ferocious, just be brave back again and don’t deal in other’s hypocrisy. The ‘eye’ of the world is like a whirlwind because ‘opinion’ contains all possible judgements, or hates.

My Grandfather was an alcoholic, with a monumental temper, and in a political arena in a certain age where it made it more difficult to cope with a secret. Thankfully we are more understanding of these things, but addressing the underlying issue, the need for the crutch, is the answer. I think it made Dad find it harder to cope with his life issues. When his sister Mary died, the Tory press labelled it suicide and that’s a hard tragedy. The other things is never, ever try to be perfect, the universe is an experiment.

“I am convinced of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections.” John Keats.

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