“Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt and live like it’s heaven on Earth.” — Mark Twain

“The Warrior of light does not talk about his defeats.” Paulo Coehlo

Though we intend never to allow such a ‘defeat’ to any author, in the increasing ruthlessness and cynicism of modern publishing, most Abrams posts have again been suspended. We do not think readers are especially interested, it is a drain and waste of energy, at the moment, and everyone has their problems and injustices to face. We would rather help than talk on about our wound, so fight well and know your good friends! We maintain the firm challenge though that what happened at Abrams was betrayal, both personal professional, effective conspiracy, that has criminal implications, before it was forced before a CEO, humanly and creatively awful, breach and repudiation of contracts and astounding in the story that unfolded around it too, the good ‘miracle’ Abrams and worse, a Children’s imprint, denied, however ‘mad’ it was convenient to paint it as. Yet having had other evidence of strange ‘realities’ just yesterday, involving James Innes Smith, always look for the good, in everyone’s lives.

We invite Abrams CEO Mike Jacobson to show a modicum of courage and honesty though and explain why Harold Rove was removed, why David Clement-Davies was ‘mobbed’ and his work, person and contracts abused, and why the internal corruption continued. We invite them to make speedy redress too and give no guarantee not to persue and present the entire story in another, more suitable medium, until they do. But to slay Goliaths in the centre of bad foreheads, you need to polish the stone. The things those people have done, over so long, professionally and legally, are outrageous. In not challenging our blogs, monitored by an oxford lawyer, we suspect still, on some bogus and hypocritical ‘principle’ of breach of Privacy, still worse Human Rights, they are further underlining that they know full well they were massively in the wrong and adding ammunition to the case against them. We invite Abrams Vice President Sarah Van More to explain her actions, dishonest words, and why she now has Harold Rove’s job. We also invite Abrams to compensate over the loss of earnings surrounding Fell. We invite Harold Rove, Tara Break, Sarah Van More and Mike Jacobson to open their eyes, as well, inside and out, with a touch of love and intelligence, and to start telling the truth, or doing something good, either in publishing or in life. We invite Tara Break, editor of Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes, daughter of an eye doctor, most especially to open her cynical eyes, or to read either Fell or the George Herbert poem sent in the middle of this – “Love bade me welcome, but my soul drew back.” Then to read Phillip Pullman’s amazing Trilogy His Dark Materials and understand something about her duty in this.

But as for life, forge on and try to help and inspire. Our means is telling better stories and returning to passion, intelligence and laughter, before being blinded by the people who look only with fear, with all the faith of knowing about something truly extraordinary. Well, it’s all extraordinary, so tune into the extraordinary! It really is under every stone. The next story coming soon is The Terror Time Spies.

Phoenix Ark Press

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