If you want a great read to accompany you to the London Olympics, then The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies might well be your private medal winner, or way to get away from it all. One of its locations is the British Museum and the attempted theft of a real Crystal Skull there. Set around the apocalyptic Mayan Calendar, which ends this year, 2012, and a strange email inviting players to change their lives forever, it mixes fantasy and politics, to raise large questions about the world and planet today. But at its centre lies a deadly sporting game in the rainforests, that eventually involves the nations of the World, and a Game of Secrets, A Hunt for Skulls, a Battle of Spies.

The Godhead Game, centred strongly on the Internet, is availably exclusively to eBook and only from We are delighted to announce that it will be available for free download on Monday, July 2nd

Phoenix Ark Press

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Filed under Adult Fiction, America and the UK, Fantasy, London, Thrillers

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