In moments of shame or despair, Phoenix Ark has been very troubled at times! But in re-reading Cultural Essays from other writers and artists, many of the blogs here and, above all, turning to readers who have supported, even criticised, we looked with huge pride today at all the work done and the reviews beginning to gather around our publications of Fire Bringer, The Sight, Fell, the Coedition and others. They are climbing again, and seem to inspire hearts, so never surrender and you can beat the B’s! Principles of truth and spirit were fought out here and the Phoenix is what remains inside, the flame.

The work and the stories are all that matter, but that is why, in any wrongs or heartbreaks, indeed any whining, DCD’s editor Susan Van Metre, now Abrams Vice President, should have supported the most fundamental principles. Not just the books she bought, but the absolutely vital working conditions too, that can actually become emotionally dangerous to any author. Books are indeed like children, to go out into the world and grow. She knew David’s track record and his absolute commitment to getting stories right. If the professional was so soured by the personal David was most certainly not to blame alone. Indeed, the chain of arrogance and betrayal began elsewhere entirely and it is part of the absurd political fear we ourselves generate in the world, that was so generated in New York City, but with respect to everyone’s jobs or talents, it is the authors who try to stand up and be counted and also need protection.

But when the Terror Time Spies comes out, it is time to turn again to epic animal fantasy in the edit of Scream of the White Bear. Readers who have followed the story may now understand a little more why it was cancelled, why it has taken so long and why now it deserves full energy and direction again. We do not think we will make August, as we said, but David owes it to himself and to readers who have waited too long to get it right. It will be this year.


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