The last post has been removed. My own grief was my enemy, but what senior commissioning editor Tara Break did to a man and leading Abrams author was actually evil, although that’s her mastery of language, goodness or truth! Betrayals of vital trust, both personal and professional, were there throughout, because that is how she works, but then a firm just followed her lead. It is above all the alliance between my editor Sarah Van More and Tara Break that is the key. I go on about my rage, but so what, a saint would have lost it, and I committed no crime but was treated like a criminal, held there under contract. Abrams not only cannot be allowed to get away with that, but they behaved criminally. If Sarah Van More’s phonecall to my agent Ginger Clarke was so serious as to break her out of representing the author paying her, it must have constituted criminal libel. To keep an author they knew so well under the cosh, under contract, in such emotional conditions, and refuse any way to answer or resolve it was literally psychological torture and dangerous working conditions. It was effective condemnation without ‘trial’ too and a conspiracy to keep their secrets. It was astonishing too, in a country of ‘free speech’ and since it goes to the heart of art and literature, can never be allowed again. They abused contract law, Harold Rove has been removed as Vice President and Sarah Van More’s climb to the top, breaches of privacies and lies are also terrible. Abrams must answer it and must compensate. The problem is the campaign above distracts from so much other work, trying to survive and make a living. We’ll see.

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