Since Phoenix Ark is partly the record of things as they really happen, in fact and fiction, and stories that seem to follow, like perhaps being one of the few writers talking about 16th Century London and Shakespeare with the odd distinction of really came close to the Black Death, in the story about Eric York in the Grand Canyon, just a note about the pretty Dorset town of Beaminster and the recent tragedy. 

I drove up on Monday in the rain, to hear that the tunnel on the A3066 had collapsed. That day the friend I’m staying with had been told about a missing local couple, as people started to worry about a crash.  On Tuesday it suddenly appeared on the Internet and in The Huffington Post, that a car had been found at the tunnel, buried in a heavy mud slide. A body had been found. With respect to the families in Beaminster, we won’t say any more, except perhaps that at least the older couple were together. Since they were missing for a week though, the case is being referred to the IPPC, The Independent Police Commission.



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