The headline was in last Weekend’s Sunday Times, with Israel talking about a possible Iranian attack on its athletes during the London Olympic Games, which start this Friday. The Countdown is now on the nightly news. Let’s pray not, after an attack in Bulgaria and talk of another Munich, although a Mossad team are at work in Europe, talking about a converted white terror cell. A more sombre point though, with British officials saying they are ‘raising the flag’ is about Israel’s attitude to Iran, criticised by one prominent member of IAEA. The question of Iran and a Nuclear weapons capability is said to be the single most important foreign policy issue at the moment, but especially after the WMD fiasco in Iraq, fears and responses need to be very carefully scrutinized.

It is also a major theme of the new thriller The Godhead Game by David Clement-Davies, which employs this year’s supposed End of the World, with talk of the end of the Mayan Calendar, to look at wider issues that threaten us all. The Godhead GameA Game of Secrets, A Hunt For Skulls, A Battle of Spies.

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