So, with The Terror Time Spies waiting in the wings, it’s time, especially for Tiffany, Barbara and Dinah, and all readers who have been so kind, to get all animalistic again and wrestle with Scream of the White Bear.

The state of play with Phoenix Ark Press is that we have had over 32,000 visits, published some great cultural essays, kicked against the publishing houses and taken back the electronic rights in Fire Bringer, The Sight, Fell and The Telling Pool, from Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Penguin US and Abrams. We have loudly voiced opposition to the way authors are being treated, to breaches of Contract, to the negligence and arrogance of big firms, and to being intimidated by Abrams via a UK Law Firm.

We have kept our word too, (it would be nice from editors who claim to care for culture or story, or even partners and friends) built a small publisher, published a unique co-edition of The Sight and Fell, the great Ice by Dominic Sands, Leonardo’s Little Book of Wisdom, chosen and edited by Foreman Saul, The Godhead Game, and posted up unique work on Edmund Shakespeare, given out free stories and poetry for the spirit of writing, and now comes The Terror Time Spies too! We may be broke, and disillusioned with what people are capable of, but though tired we are not dead, bowed, not beaten, and perhaps one day the experience of other authors and artists ‘out there’ will bring them into the fold. But it’s great to have you along, though now we’re taking a little holiday in the sun! Just dream with us of good miracles.

PA Press

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  1. Tiffany Bertrand

    Get those polar bears charging again! Animals rule this world too! YA!

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