We’re afraid Phoenix Ark Press has the only blog that is going to be defiantly anti-blogging, anti-social media and anti-facebook. Never a way to sell a thing, replete with the ironies of talking through the medium we do not want to, but recommending all to turn off the bloody blogs, have a relationship, start a revolution, get off the internet, climb a mountain, do anything but witter on into the cybersphere.

The word for a start is awful, a throw away, slightly trashy and nothing to do with the art of writing. How many million words did WordPress user’s broadcast today, now words are pixellated commodities too, and how many are actually being read and give both readers and authors a sense of engagement and real communication? Perhaps when specific issues emerge bloggers can spark important debates that really create chains of true engagement, (individual freedom, justice and a way of fighting back are both revolutionary and important), but otherwise we are all lost in that need to be linked in, limiting real human interaction by endlessly being elsewhere, half present, via our iphones, ipads, laptops and devices. If the very meaning of ‘culture’, a difficult word, is a shared experience, in many ways the internet has disconnected rather than truly connected us, creating niche pockets of interaction, but giving the impression we are all talking as one.

As for Phoenix Ark Press our advice is do ANYTHING but do what we have done in a blog! Though true writing and honesty engages the heart, shows something of the soul, to pour feeling into the void can itself be heart breaking and emptying. What we worry about most are young people, caught in that vapid hall of mirrors of posting, which is often just about putting up pictures of how great we are, how happy, what a lovely holiday we are having, and says very little that reaches to the heart. So, if someone suggests you blog, just tell them to blog off!

ps next time we’ll try to say something more positive, but the hope is readers will air their thoughts on the medium itself!


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