Well, here we go. Israeli’s right-wing now tub-thumping for an attack on Iran, to stop them getting the bomb. And the count down ticking to the end of the Mayan Calendar, at the solstice this December. BOOM.

Israeli of course returns to the appalling truths of the Holocaust, but seem never to recognise that the ‘monster’ of human consciousness exists in everyone, and especially returns, out of crushing defeat, as perhaps happened in Germany during the second war, and might be said to have justified Israel too often.

But when will we all wake up? When will Iran allow inspectors in and drop threat and does it matter anyway? They are all themes, and secrets in The Godhead Game. A Game of Secrets, a Hunt for Skulls, a Battle of Spies. There might be some answers there. To get a FREE copy tomorrowClick here

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