From Tiffany B

Not to press you Mr. Davies but are Bears coming soon? Terror Spies is out. Was Bears the next thing on your list?

From Paige

Hey it’s almost September – has it been released yet?

Dear Tiffany B and Paige,

I’m so sorry, still struggling out of the four year storm, and you must realise that Scream is a bit tough to revisit, so August did not do it. I am not sure it’s good enough for fans, either. But time to bite the bullet and decide, yes or no? The answer has to be that I gave my word, although it can’t be until towards Christmas and I hope you realise would be coming to eBook, if only at first, I hope. So Scream it is, although they may drag me off to the melting ice caps first.

very vest, DCD


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One response to “DECIDING NOT TO SCREAM?!

  1. WiseWolf

    Your loyal fans have been waiting a long time for Scream of the White Bear. We can be patient a little while longer.

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