Just blogged a reply to a comment in The Earl of Oxford, William Ray and a Leering Hydrocephalic Idiot, that talks about the “conspiracy theories” around Shakespeare. But watching Oliver Stone’s JFK last night, what could be more obvious proof that conspiracies happen? JFK’s assassination was the 9/11 of its time, in terms of world shock, when everyone remembers where there were. It certainly was for my parent’s generation. If even a tenth of the facts are right, there cannot be serious doubt that Oswald was not the lone shooter, indeed it’s impossible, so the patsy he said he was, and that the Warren Commission was a fabrication. A “Coup d’état” is Stone’s conclusion, in a film where people often quote Shakespeare, and with that highly convincing and chilling moment when Donald Sutherland remarks that “the organising principle for any society is for war.” It might say a lot about Iraq and Afghanistan too. Of course the CIA director Allen Dulles is mentioned too, and his dismissal by Kennedy, and that organisation that Kennedy said he wanted to “scatter to the four winds.”

It brought up the issue of research here into Dulles’s amazing career in Switzerland, the Manhattan heiress and art and literary patroness Drue Heinz and American OSS and British spies there, involved with the Edda Mussolini story and the Count Ciano affair. It was rather shocking to me though when an editor on The Independent newspaper in the UK doubted anyone would be interested nowadays, if you could prove who killed JFK. Perhaps he was right and it’s just a brutal fact, and time and truths always hurry on.

I have no proof of anything specifically related to Kennedy. It was just studying Dulles more closely, and the free-wheeling writ that he and the OSS were given to fight the Nazis, that began to make Stone’s take even more convincing. Just as Churchill told the SOE to “set Europe ablaze“, US Black Ops started in the Second War, and included not only media disinformation and propaganda campaigns, that carried back into America with “Operation Mockingbird”, but the habit of OSS and later CIA assassination, that Dulles fully sanctioned. Still a hero at the CIA, very heroic in Switzerland, when he crossed the border with a Million Dollar money order, at the moment of Operation Torch and the closing of borders, he may have been something of the Good Shepherd in the Matt Damon movie, but his later career is rather more suspect.


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  1. Must agree – fantastic to see others that think so not just me.

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