What is the love and genius at the heart of British TV, perhaps the strange UK, with the likes of our National Treasure, Sir David Attenborough, for all the supposed fakery about Polar Bears, or the just viewed wonderful and delightful Autumn Watch? It’s exactly what and why they quoted Gandhi, that the key measure of any society’s moral advancement is how it treats is animals, even with all our unkindness to chickens, yum, yum. The people on Autumn Watch are so natural, and naturally eccentric, so passionate about what they do, love and share, it is as entrancing as watching the footage of animals in the wild, or interacting in the studio.

For this ‘animal writer’, who forgot nature, forgot his readers and fans and forg0t where the power and source of his writing came from, it just brings joy. Only readers are right about whatever happened in America, and all that counts is the vision and passion that stories based in the wild bring. But of course, for love of animals, there is us as well, and love of us as well, in all that difficult ‘moral advancement’, competing, seeking, trying to understand, and such extraodinary and eccentic animals too. But apart from anything else, those passionate enthusiasts on Autumn Watch have so much fun!


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