From ‘Crazy’ Sophie

Hello, I would like the Scream of the White Bears for Christmas, any updates on when it is going to be out?

Dear Sophie,

and readers. I’m afraid I’m all up making apologies about Scream, except I’m sorry to you because it won’t be ready by Christmas. I hope you find something in the huge reading world you really want and love though. Readers know a little about a battle fought over it, and I hope something of why fighting your own publisher can’t produce anything worthy of books or readers, especially in those circumstances. I’ve said I would publish and now it will have to be next year, when it’s worthy of fans, and I’ve found some breathing space, so to you Sophie there is a free copy, whenever you write and ask, and to people like Tiffany, Barabara and others who have written and supported over it. The best thing about this has been talking to readers and when something’s healed well then a book can be given in the spirit my other books were. It’s happening, a cover is in design, though I doubt there will be much interest when it does, because people have waited too long! Still, a promise is a promise. Thank you for writing and very best.



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5 responses to “SCREAM OF THE WHITE BEAR

  1. AylaK

    I loved Fire Bringer, The Sight, Fell, and The Telling Pool and I know Scream will be just as good so it is defiantly worth the wait. 🙂

  2. Amanda

    Have more faith in your fans! Of course we will still be interested in Scream!!!!! Can’t wait!!!! So excited its going to be awesome!!

  3. LynnAnn

    I too have been waiting patiently as I can to hold in my hands the Scream of the White Bear, I still believe in its magic.
    People like myself will always be interested in the wonder of your storytelling, I believe it is meant to be published and enjoyed by many.

  4. WiseWolf

    We will wait (anxiously) patiently for Scream of the White Bear for as long as it takes.
    Thank you David.

    A Friend of Phoenix Ark,

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