From Tiffany B

Are you giving free copies of Scream out to some people? I read you mentioned that? Thanks Tiff B, a fan.

Dear Tiffany,

because of all your kind words and support, you are a fan close to Phoenix’s heart. To let you know, for other reasons, Scream has not been released yet. But if it is, please know that you would be the very first to get a free copy.



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  1. Rachelle

    Is there any word yet on when this book will be released?? I have been DYING to read it! I love DCD books…”The Sight” is one of my favorites of ALL time!!

  2. Tiffany Bertrand

    Hope Scream gets published this year. We all want to read the book about polar bears, I’ve been looking for a alternate books fantasies on polar bears, I’ve am reading one buts it a kids book. Other books are about polar shifters and I’ve already read the Golden Compass Trilogy.

    All the best, you have loving fans, don’t forget that people love your animal books, check the comments on Amazon.com under your book titles. People love you.

    All the best again Mr.Davies.

    Tiffany Bertrand

  3. Sarah H

    Hi there. It’s been a while since my last letter inquiring about Scream. I hope things are better than they were and Scream is closer to being debuted. Also, I read you would be giving out free copies to some of your fans should Scream be published? Thank you for reading, hope you are in good spirits and health. A fan, Sarah H

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