Scream of the White Bear will now never be published and David Clement-Davies announces his retirement from fantasy and Children’s books, because of the evil and abuse of him, truth and fundamental trusts and values that unfolded at New York Publisher Harry N. Abrams. In this case justice and truth have also been completely abused and the ultimate proof of it is an act of open perjury by attorney Edward Davis at Davis, Wright Tremaine LLP, in front of the New York Supreme Court. It is on record and an absolute fact, but it makes not one bit of difference, because if this was in The New York Times people might act, but in the cyber world is just a voice lost in the noise. David cannot fight it anymore, sincerely apologizes to fans who have waited so long, but it is not worth continuing in such a world, the disillusionment has just been too great and the pain too deep. Perhaps now they understand the depth of harm done by people at his own publisher.


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  1. Hi David,
    This is absolutely heartbreaking. Not just for me as a fan, but as one who empathizes with your efforts and so strongly believes in the written word, especially your written word. I’ve looked forward to Scream for a long while, but you know best. It’s your brainchild. Still, if you were to ever epublish it (or put it out via any medium that skipped New York), I download it in a shake of a lamb’s tail! All best in whatever you write next, whether a novel or blog post. I’ll be reading.

    • Hi Kelly,

      how nice to hear from you. I don’t mean to be heart breaking, and very sorry to you and fans like Tiffany, who are great readers and I consider friends. I have made a fool of myself, and wasted energies fighting battles I couldn’t really win but it is very hard to revisit that book especially, it had such grief and strangeness linked to it, while the lies that have been told in New York do need highlighting. There are plenty of other storytellers around though and more importantly the extraordinary world, human and animal. But you’re right, there is a very strange power in both the spoken and written word, perhaps more than we realise at times, so I wish you wonderful things too.

      all my best, David

      • Hi David,

        Thank you for calling me a friend and wishing me wonderful things. It made my morning. Whatever happened with New York was their loss. It’s so strange to me that you had trouble in the first place. EVERYONE I know has read or at least heard of The Sight or Firebringer. To me, you are an author of great renown. But then again, my social circles are specific, and even renown comes with challenges, or so I imagine. Though our struggles are dissimilar, I too have chosen to skip New York (or otherwise stop trying) on the road to publication. The more I look into it, the more I must strip down my writing and integrity. Easier to take my own path, even if it’s smaller and quieter.

        All that said, I have a lot of catch up to do on your novels. I’ve missed so many because I didn’t have an e-reader. But a good friend has given me a Kobo (by the defunct Borders Books), and so I’ll have to noodle with it and see if it will take Amazon downloads. I’ll be giving it hell if it won’t!!


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