The stats are continuing to rise and rise at Phoenix Ark Press, no doubt because of the growing interest in a terrible scandal at New York Publisher Harry N. Abrams, internal conspiracies, cover ups and now actual proven perjury in the New York Supreme court. Michael Jacobs should be especially wary.

It is a story that may make a blog a little dull at times, yet it is the way to bring out the truth, and far too humanly, legally and artistically important to put away. Michael Jacobs, Abrams CEO, literally tried to destroy a human being, contracted author David Clement-Davies, who Tamar Brazis and Susan Van Metre had behaved so viciously and irresponsibly over for months before, bringing a firm into breach of contracts. Their response to an appeal from a family, in such dreadful circumstances, in late 2009, is just humanly revolting. These are the guardians of good fairy tales and children’s stories! They should all lose their jobs.

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