Abrams, Obama, Shut Downs, Government Corruption and Impeaching the Speaker

Sorry to blog a dead horse, but the absolute third world farce in the US much reflects the joke at my New York publisher Abrams, which became a complete abuse of executive power and involved open lies, that led to proven perjury about it in the New York Supreme court. Then why, if a Publisher could do what they did to their own contracted author, stressing the all powerful titles of President or Vice President, and their jobs and rights over anyone else’s, or the New York Supreme Court could simply ignore proven perjury, should you expect much more from Capitol hill? Systems and due process are in melt down everywhere.

The monied rot at the heart of America has been totally exposed and this is worse than Berlusconi and Italian politics! More sinister though to hear from the New York Times that this is not unexpected at all, but carefully planned. Which means that the testing ground Republicans really want now is the Debt Ceiling, and a potential default next week that has never happened in US History. Who is going to make vast capital out of that? For those who know, the image of America as the land of the free or the brave, a truly mature Democracy, has often become as cracked as that Liberty Bell. Obama Care was passed into Law, and the Republicans should not be allowed to touch it without a new election.

So one solution? Well, if Presidents can be impeached (though not Michael Jacobs or Susan Van Metre in a private, totally undemocratic publisher) for failing their oaths of office, why don’t Obama and The Democrats move to impeach speaker Boehner, for failing his country, and his oath of office, and being led by a tiny interest group. Then they might help impeach the Abrams lot too and have a Tea party!


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