Only those who know the true story of this blog will quite understand the cause of disillusionment and grief for an author and what really drove him from main stream publishing, if it exists anymore, and the trust of supposed close friends and colleagues. If fact is stranger than fiction it’s a story that went on so long and involved so much it is almost unbelievable. But never let the b’s get you down, or yourself!

This year David Clement-Davies returns to animal fantasy and will at last publish the novel Scream of the White Bear to both ebook and hard copy, that fans have been made to wait for far too long. Those who understand will forgive the wait. Now though, in the spirit of growth and adventure it is being renamed Light of the White Bear. Let the battle continue and the polar bears blaze from the frozen north!

Phoenix Ark Press


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  1. I’m BEAMING!!! The literary world has become blanched of animal fantasy, at least in the YA/adult cross-over genre. A breath of fresh air at last, and from our own DCD! Ah, it’s a grand day.

  2. Sarah Hoover

    Dear Mr. Clement-Davies,
    Thank you! I am truly inspired by your perseverance through adversity and by the dedication you have as a writer to your craft. When I first signed up to Phoenix Press Blog, I had just started the process to earn my Associates degrees. Originally my signing up to P.P. was to get to answers to the mystery surrounding Scream of The White Bear’s publication, which you graciously provided. It’s be a long journey for you I’d imagine. I am so ecstatic as a fan to read of your update that Light if The White Bear will be coming our way in the near future! I look forward to reading it as I obtain my Bachelors the M.A. at Uni! Thank you again so much for sharing with us your gift as a writer. You have a lovely, studied, and truly unique voice amongst writers that makes you one of my top all time favorite authors. Take care and look forward to reading your much anticipated L.o.T.W.B.
    Sincerely, your fan ~Sarah

    • Sarah, how nice of you and strength to your MA! Not sure about what in the near future means in this one, because I will have to edit out 100 pages and get it right, but when the road’s clear again in the next few weeks, back to work…

      • Sarah Hoover

        Thank you! It will be sometime before I get the M.A. but am determined to achieve that goal in becoming an English Professor. Your perserverance has further inspired me to continue my academic journey. With regards to my ‘near future comment’, I see now that you are still working away on your craft. 🙂 Regardless of the time it takes for S.o.T.W.B to emerge, I am so excited to read you are back at it. So happy for you that this torturous battle is for the most part over. I hope in time the pain ceases, that bitterness does not linger and that your writing spirit is renewed.Take care!
        Sincerely, Sarah

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