Hello all,

Well just two days into Kickstarting and fantastic first pledges! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Private thanks will come to everyone but a special word to Miss Baker who has ever started the ball rolling.

If we can raise it to 10% by tomorrow though then we’ll be on a certain course. Which is to ask all those who have read free articles here, poems, stories and blogs and especially if you have ever clicked LIKE button to think about going to Kickstarter and clicking PLEDGE instead. I guess it’s not to promote yourself very well to suggest that will not cost a thing if I don’t hit the target, but at least that ensures if you pledge something, then there will be rewards and a certain finished book.

In the meantime my good friend Kate in Chile suggested I didn’t say enough in a first video. So I have just gone mad and burnt one of my own novels online, Nazi book burning style, as a tiny act of protest but certainly to convince all of a hot read! If this appalls you then I quite sympathize, do let me know if you think I should change it, while if you would rather eat polar bears than make a pledge it would be really wonderful if you could spread the word instead. Thank you all again.

You can see my sill face and the appalling act of self immolative book burning

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