Well, when I was told years back I must keep my mouth shut by my own editor, but then politics saw a small department threatening a contracted author, when he was not challenging an ex’s career, and in a two year story that became both betraying, vicious and kafkaesque, I refuse to not be personal about Light of the White Bear, Phoenix Ark Press, books and stories, or indeed writers and editors. Things called books are made by real people and first by the writer.

I think the reason for the savagery is the very fear of that public eye, the internet too, that does encourage spooks with talk of ‘sooks’! But the point is the one person who should not have been destroyed in it was the award-winning author, contracted to tell difficult and challenging stories. Why too Phoenix Ark Press has always been a rather sad love story!

In the good fight then I go off book again and talk directly to an ex partner, Tamar, and to an editor of years in the US, Susan, and damn the world for preferring to hide, or to exercise unjust power behind the scenes, let New York Attorneys perjure themselves last year, pretend they fight against US Censorship or indeed say that books and great stories are not and should not be personal!

You can see that online, trying to bump a stalling Kickstarter project (despite sudden great jumps today – thank you) and trying to get over a bad hair day. But because everyone who supports, rich or poor, is important and it’s so helpful hearing from you too a new pledge and reward of £1.99 has just been created, that brings a thank you here and a free ebook too. Find out by CLICKING HERE


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