Hello again,

well 33 brave backers of Light of The White Bear but the last race to the finishing post now, with just 12 days to go. Over a quarter, with 26%. I am going to treat it like the Ah Tic Tok, when polar bear mothers and their cubs come out of their ice dens and wander across the spring sea ice to learn how to fish and marvel. Never fear, if it fails it fails, but it would still be wonderful if we all believe in magic and story and I could hear your calls of the wild.

You can see another little talk, about a plot, and the work behind Phoenix too, while you can also join this brave band of brothers and sisters by Clicking Here

As a friend once said a Phoenix is a mythical bird that, wherever it’s found, can simply never really fail.

Thank you.


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  1. Animal Fiction, as you’ve mentioned, has been displaced for quick-dollars and (piss) poor-writing in today’s young adult market I actually took a trip to Barnes and Nobel this morning with you in mind. YA is almost exclusively Teen Paranormal Romance or dystopia with a “strong female protagonist” with the personality of saw dust. All bitter pills to swallow. HOWEVER, historical fiction for ADULTS has seen great success in the last few years . Ex: Ken Follett’s recent publication of World Without End, which lead to two very popular min-series’ for that book and Pillars of the Earth. The shows were between mediocre and dreadful (in my opinion) but the books were celebrated and beautifully written, enough to get the attention of HBO and the public. You may find recognition again with an historical fiction piece surrounding Edmund Shakespeare. You certainly know and are passionate about the subject. And you’ve much credential with historical fiction, most obvious in Telling Pool, but also in your animal books.

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