26 hours to go and lovely and helpful comments coming in thick and fast about the work on Light of The White Bear at Kickstarter, with Phoenix Ark Press in the background too. Still time then to see a five minute film, that explains itself, though not the one on Facebook, appreciate that in the noise of Facebook and elsewhere, a project has done brilliantly in 30 days, at over 2 grand and 35%, but just as importantly with such bright and passionate people interested and committing to going on with a journey too. Well, it’s allowed! Make it or not, you can still join the party happening here then, make your own comment and come along in a publishing fellowship and it’s own story. Just as too long ago The Beginning here at Phoenix hoped for. I will write to everyone at the end.

But this is addressed to all friends at Facebook and most especially well over 100 who subscribe to a blog too. Please look at a little talk (bad Shakespearean quoting and all) and think about upping your ‘Like‘ involvement in the past by, small or large pledge, pressing Back this Project that you can reach by CLICKING HERE

Thank you.


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