I am afraid there are no nibbles or delicious cocktails available but you are all most cordially invited to a Facebook Event, next Saturday April 26th at 6pm London Time. (Facebook has my setting at UTC+1 for some reason, so watch those timings and sorry to make you calculate the Time difference). Please send me a Friend Request there under my name David Clement-Davies and I think it will last about an hour and a half.

It’s the first event I’ve ever done and 10 are coming already, since I launched last night, so I hope to have 70 people by next weekend. It is firstly to celebrate the launch of Dragon In The Post next Wednesday but also to discuss the wider issues of a Publishing Adventure and trying to break through as a grass roots publisher at Phoenix Ark Press, as you will see in a film. So we can talk my books and stories, this new project but also the possibility of involvement for readers, writers, editors and illustrators.

Come ready to be contentious too, if you like, and question if what I am aiming at can even be done! Criticism is as valuable as anything else, but whatever issue comes up I hope we can knock around ideas about a project, Kickstarter, publishing, art, writing, the problems of the Internet and Crowd Funding too. So it will have some use and inspiration for you. Love to see you all ‘there’ in Cyberspace and one day perhaps we’ll meet at a London launch party too.

David Clement-Davies


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