Only five days in and the little Dragon is flying at 27%. Good meeting yesterday too, many thanks to all who came, although many apologies if I failed to keep the right Facebook page open! It’s the same syndrome of getting a block for ‘friend’ invites, in trying to navigate Social Media at all and break back out. Bit of a dragon or dinosaur here. Therefore an open apology to Facebook people if I have irritated you. I’m sorry.

Especially younger fans and a brilliant ‘Street Team’ were right in saying several things yesterday though. Firstly I can’t lean on them too much and must lead the way myself, (being Top Author and David Clement-Davies (!)) which first and foremost means appealing to my fans and those who know my stories, because why else would people be interested or back Dragon In The Post? Of course there’s a wider ambition in Kickstarting Phoenix Ark Press too, several projects, even cross supporting Kickstarter projects with other authors, artists and illustrators and the idea of ‘Paying it Forward’ as well. I hope the Dragon Street Team will remember that, in talking about work for younger and older, but I doubt that is what appeals first and the first goal is to hatch a Dragon In The Post, and get it out to you, in the post.

The absolute key is the passion of friends and fans then, thus love of books and stories, so also finding the right forum for it all. So despite the outreach, that isn’t necessarily Facebook at all, but Goodreads. (Thank you Kelly and SJand S for that inspiring comment yesterday up at Kickstarter). But at Goodreads I’m working on my page and also just beginning to upload books that I loved and love. I’ve also created a new group there PHOENIX ARK PRESS AND KICKSTARTING GRASS ROOTS PUBLISHING and am starting to send out invites. Poor you. Do come and talk my and your favourite books though, publishing ideas, the Dragon project, whatever you like! I have put some Rules up too. One day I will get the hang of all this and change back, like the Beast in Beauty, I hope, from ruthless or sad Social Media self-promoter, to someone who can share many ideas, adventures and stories. What I want to do is find the space to write. So “Join the story, become part of the adventure” and you can do it more actively too by watching a film, and bumping that target before 26 days elapse by GOING TO DRAGON IN THE POST

Thank you.


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