The one thing I hope you can trust about this blog and tiny publisher is the story is true and also happening now. I have said in a Kickstarter film for Dragon In The Post that I want to make this place ‘Your publisher‘. But what exactly does that mean?! It means that I haven’t stopped listening to people’s stories, even while going on too much about my own, and so I hope this site has a human face. It also means that I was very inspired by the warmth and support that has come from my own readers in all this.

But what has happened is that in the frustration of trying to make something work, amid all the noise, I have had some very acute bits of advice and wonderful offers of support too. Like what exactly is Phoenix Ark Press, from J, or any mission here? So I have re-written a Mission Statement above, pointing out I need first to protect my own work, stories and career again, if I am to do anything else. That will change and evolve itself, just as I put the idea of building in some charity element, but it was rejected at Kickstarter. But if it works, if you and I can really open a door, the idea in future is to go grass-roots, and to cross support writing, journalism and art among other creative people, with crowd funded projects. So I would have to become some kind of lightning conductor to that energy and passion. Let’s start a fire and burn down the Social Media house, or at least make it ours again!

In that vein, and because Y for instance has just so kindly offered her own artwork at Deviant Art to help, it’s time to throw the doors wide open, to you, amateur and professional, younger and older! It means possibly helping to redesign this website, to put up new artwork here, to redesign e-book covers and much more. At Kickstarter it means either Backing and/or spreading the word. At first I am afraid the reward, apart from rewards if we hit project targets, is an outlet for you, a chance to work with me, I hope something for your CV. But if we fly, we will see in the future. Would you like to do new e-book covers for Fire bringer, The Sight or Michelangelo’s Mouse? Here is your chance. Would you like to write articles here, on subjects that matter, with my help? I have a lot of journalistic experience. Would you like to learn marketing, at a grass-roots level, or re-design the face of Phoenix Ark Press itself? At every level then that message on the book of the animation for Dragon In The Post needs to become true: “Join the story, become part of the adventure.”

With 23 days to go but now at 30% you can join that story right now, by writing to me here and by BACKING DRAGON IN THE POST


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