So to the opening night and the song of the excited actors – “waiting in the wings”. But the harm of censorship too, just like the need for Royal approval, with the intervention of the head of the King’s secret police, Monsieur Malleece, and the closure of the old Paris theatre! Eeeeek.

But never fear, Bobolan is here, for his very first meeting with Jean Baptiste Moliere, where he finds his courage and persuades him to visit the King of France himself, Louis XIV. Who, as it happens, has a secret taste for musical theatre himself and sings “DOING THE REGAL RAG”. Before a mouse in Moliere’s pocket, who the King can’t hear, leads to a sudden turn around of fortunes…Hooray!



Look who’s back in Paris
Just the name to know
Life’s a gas in Paris
When you’re at a show!

Some are sane, others cracked
Some make pots of clay
But since I was a girl, I’ve longed to act
To act in a Moliere play…

The show is going up
The seats are almost full
Waiting to speak
Feels like a week!
The night is still so young
A song that’s not yet sung
Lord, I feel weak
What do you seek?

And will you hate us
Or will you fate us?
My hands are shaking,
On the verge of fainting,
See what the crowd brings
Think only good things
When you are waiting in the wings…

(Bobolan’s wonder at the crowd…)

At least the play’s a pull
The theatre’s almost full
And that’s a fact,
Waiting to act.

My play will soon be born
Each one’s another dawn.
Will they react
Jeer or applaud?

And will you love it
Tell us where to shove it?
My knees are knocking
Now I’ve torn a stocking
See what the night brings
Hope only good things
When you are waiting in the wings…

Will it be a smash hit,
Will he have to trash it?
Will they their lob some thunder at
Or just come to wonder at…

It’s magic waiting in the wings…

Will it be a smash hit,
Will he have to trash it?
Will they their lob some thunder at
Or just come to wonder at…

It’s magic walking from the wings…

(So Bobolan meets his hero and takes him to see a King, which is quite tricky to stage!)


It’s really very hard to be King
Even the King of France
They don’t let you play, and never let you sing
And they very rarely let you dance!

It’s really rather drab to be boss
Even as bright as the sun!
They think you’re always stern, or cruel, or cross
And never let you have much fun.

High in Paris
On your toes
(Don’t tell Malleece)
Here’s the way the rhythm goes now –
In my throne room,
Don’t look down
With a show tune
Earn my crown!

It’s really rather dull to be right
Even when I’m Divine!
They don’t let you see the palace in the night
But they always wake you up on time!

I’d rather be an actor of plays,
Isn’t the prospect so neat?
And while away my time, and spend my days
A bishop, villain, slave or cheat!

(Enter messenger)

In my palace
No one knows,
(Even Malleece)
Here’s the way the rhythm goes
Clap, dance, tap, sing
Never pause,
Even Sun King’s
Need applause!

It really isn’t hard to have fun
Doing the Regal Rag
As long as I creep, shaded from the sun
And keep my promise not to drag!

It’s really very tough to be me
Even playing this part,
But since I have to rule, I’ll still be free
And hike your bloomin’ tax to start!

Enter Moliere with a brave Mouse in this pocket…

Mr Moliere’s Mouse (aka CHEESE), Royal Academy of Music workshop. Story, book and lyrics by David Clement-Davies, music by Michael Jeffrey. All rights reserved Phoenix Ark Press 2014.

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