It has been a bit of an uphill psychological battle to realise that you and the publishing industry owe me nothing at all, although my closest friends and my American publisher certainly did owe me faith, the respect of the right editorial conditions and of several contracts too, in the most astonishing battle. But all that matters now is the quality of work and the meanings inside stories too. So once more Phoenix Ark Press turns to a new crowd funding model, not at Kickstarter this time but at Indiegogo and the relaunch of Dragon In The Post, suspended in May. This time it will run for 40 days, with a goal of £4500, the crucial difference being that we can keep anything you are kind enough to contribute. To justify that, and the fact that you will be immediately supporting a writer and little publisher, so every penny counts, during that time I will be working and using my own money to bring Fire bringer back into hard copy availability in the UK. It was wrongly taken out of print by Macmillan after 12 years on the shelves.

I need and would love your passion and support as much as ever though and achieving that lowered target, down from £6000, is perhaps even more important, as is all explained on Indiegogo. It will set a bench mark for what we can or cannot do in future. I hope you visit and love the project then, watch the film and follow the thinking in the text below. You can go there now and support by Contibuting at Indiegogo

Meanwhile you can read some of Dragon In The Post on Wattpad and the page Stories In The Post on Facebook. “Join the story, become part of the adventure”.

Thank you for spreading the word, contributing or doing anything you can and wish us luck! The other key is just to have some fun, since books are an entertainment after all.

DCD – Phoenix Ark Press

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