To support the thrilling crowd funding book project happening right now at Indiegogo David Clement-Davies is taking to the skies next week (weather permitting) and blogging about his very first flying lesson, in a journey from Hampshire to Sandown, in the Isle of White. It will be at the aviation club there magnificently called Phoenix and you can check out some of the planes by going to http://www.phoenixaviation.net/ We are now flying at 39%, with a month to go, and many more fun projects planned, but we need every inch of your support, sharing and contributions, this weekend please!

Watch this page then, if you like the travel articles that will come from the project, including walking the South Downs Way or join the wonderful chats and artwork being put up on Facebook and in the Indiegogo gallery. But above all come in now and help the story of Dragon In The Post really take wing by contributing in fact and spirit. Thank you for all you support, welcome aboard and chocks away!

You can join the team at Dragon In The Post by Watching, reading and Contributing Here


ps The author takes a laconic attitude to the suggestion by one supporter that ariel disaster would at least produce posthumous fame. Too famous already, darling, though is a little worried about the names of planes like Icarus! The things an artist has to suffer these days for his art.

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