David Clement-Davies does his first reading from his crowd-funded novel and publishing project Dragon In The Post, that you can also read part of up on WATTPAD

To hear the author reading from Dragon In The Post click the audio arrow below. To go to Wattpad or Indiegogo click on the underlined links. To hear the second instalment just CLICK HERE

If you, your family and children enjoy this reading and story please help us start a grass-roots fire by spreading the word and crowd funding it into a real book, sent to you, in the post by CHOOSING ONE OF THE PERK LEVELS AT INDIEGOGO

Many thanks and although we are doing wonderfully at 53% funded, it ain’t easy, we have ambitions to raise more than the 4.5k target, to open the door on many things, coverage is coming in the Hampshire Chronicle and so the deadline has just been extended to the full-time limit available at Indiegogo of 60 days. That now ends on August 27th but momentum is always vital and remember if we do not hit the 4.5k target by then indiegogo will take a bigger percentage of any money raised.


The painting is the wonderful image of a Fire Cutter, a dragon that cuts a door into another world for Gareth Marks, done specially for the project which you can own too as a signed print by being the highest of the next four contributors!

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