Fire_Cutter_-_Dragon_in_the_PostIt spawned at the dawn of printing, when most books, very valuable commodities, were funded by patrons or subscription. Perhaps then we should see crowd funding a novel today as exactly like that and in a Shakespearian tradition too of works first done by subscription. At 72% though we really need you now, not just for the money but to break through, make something happen and create a new constituency. It would help open a door on several other books at a little publisher, for younger and older readers. The Dragon In The Post project ends on August 27th.

But now the price of a signed copy of a unique First edition of Dragon In The Post has been dropped to £15, including postage and packing, while all those who bought it at £25 or over and are unhappy will be remunerated with a free copy of the edition of Fire Bringer you are already helping to bring back into print.

So, to begin a countdown, also involving walking the South Downs Way beginning next Monday and blogging it too, here are the audio readings put together (Just click the arrow below) But then 6 potentially very good reasons to support it and us:

1) You like the idea of Dragon In The Post and what’s there of the story, with much still to be written.

2) You’d like to own a signed First edition and have your name in the front too, trying to do something different.

3) You want to help break through the Internet and some of the disconnections of Social Media.

4) You like the various perks on offer at Indiegogo.com and Clare Bell’s Ratha’s Creature.

5) You are fed up with not really being heard on a medium like Facebook.

6) You don’t want Indiegogo to keep 9% of what’s raised already, instead of 4% if we hit the 4.5k target.

Many thanks and here’s the link to LEARN ABOUT AND/OR CONTRIBUTE TO DRAGON IN THE POST

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