Well, Monday morning August 18th, the wood pigeon are cooing plumply and I’m off – 100 Miles from Winchester along The South Downs Way to Eastbourne to try and take Dragon In The Post over the 4.5k finishing line and to raise some cash for the RNIB too. I’ll carry the memory of once sitting opposite Laurie Lee on a train with me and hope to have a little cider with Rosie! I want to reach Eastbourne by Sunday, in a quite leisurely fashion, because I plan to enjoy this walk and write about it here too. While I have to be driven back to Southampton for a BBC Radio Solent interview on Thursday, then returned to the way! With this kind of changeable weather all is spirit, kit and logistics, although the morning glows gold and working folk around me have the travel itch too but back in my local pub I hope I can turn the sad, small county sneers from one or two into something a little more generous, although I doubt it. Who worries about folk with such atrocious manners who consider Wilbur Smith literature anyhow?! I hope you enjoy and share the blogs and fight this last week for a crowd funding idea, a little publisher and perhaps a new way of doing things. It’s been a struggle but FLY DRAGON IN THE POST!

A huge THANK YOU TO MY STREET TEAM for everything you’ve done, but please can we make a last noisy push this week and get everyone on board too who’ve not come up with promised contributions, before it all ends on August 27th. If you’d like to INCREASE PLEDGES I’m afraid the only way to do that is to take a higher perk and if it’s too much we can sort out the difference together or if you just want a higher perk you can contribute the difference between your original contribution.

To back Dragon In The Post on Indiegogo just CLICK HERE

To sponsor an author (in your mind) by the mile, or the whole walk for the RNIB just JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

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