thurston2jthurstonI’ve said a lot about the cynicism of the publishing industry and a world made worse not better by the arrival of the Internet and Self Publishing, especially for those who love the culture of bookshops and for established authors too.  But there are better stories than that and one is the work of Jonathan Thurston to gather together a special anthology of wolf stories, and artwork by the likes of award winner Lauren Strohacker, called appropriately Wolf Warriors, entirely out of his passion for those remarkable animals and for charity too. It is getting 5 stars at Amazon and thrilling reviews.

During the crowd funding campaign on Dragon In The Post I also wrote a short story for him, Fell’s Dream, that has never been published before and which is included in the anthology.  I do hope it helps to bring interest and sales, especially at Christmas time, because any profits from the book will be actively doing good and aiding The National Wolf Watcher’s Coalition in the US. Remember, Ghandi said that one of the measures of our civilisation is how we treat animals.  So please come and support through buying the book by CLICKING HERE  and well done to Jonathan, especially at such a young age, and everyone who contributed.

David Clement-Davies

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