The mystery of ‘Anno’ and sculpture

In a series of articles discussing sculpture this month we look first at the work of the mysterious ‘Anno’ and most especially their identity.

An artist, like Banksy, who refuses to be identified, or even meet gallerists or collectors, who cherishes anonimity, why then did they agree to be commissioned and published by Sculpture Out of The Box, with a special piece inspired by the immortal Phidias?


“Perhaps it was both because we guard anonimity and because we gave Anno a brief to create something that captures the very spirit of sculpture itself”, says David Clement Davies, himself a sculptor and Creative Director of Sculpture Out of The Box.

‘The Eye of Apollo’, a limited edition of 20, after a famous Ivory mask by Phidias, but adapted to include a tear drop and the third eye of Horus in Egyptian myth, is accompanied by two little bas relief taken from friezes from the Parthenon.

And Anno? All Mr Clement Davies will reveal, even hiding the sex of the Artist, is that Anno may have ties to the Greek island of Corfu, indeed may be a Greek natural. Fitting then that their work draws inspiration from the greatest Master of them all.

Phoenix Ark Press

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