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Meeting Brit comic Jo Brand today in the Kennington Texaco – well, I opened the door for her – I should have told here about this and asked her help, reminded her of meeting her in a bar in Madrid years ago, when she told me to piss off, or just asked for some hot tips of Kickstarting stand-up comedy! It is the only way ahead.

Light of the White Bear has just jumped to 15%, which is great. On the other hand, do you know about Buddhists who rail at their pupils with heavy insults, then swap places? It is called trying to grow. Because in just a day and a half now I have already had another 200 visitors and only 3 pledges!!! Cheapskates. ARE YOU LISTENING, as the IPCC spreads a prophet of DOOM about Global Warming, you enormous CLOTH EARED DULLARDS? Kiss, Kiss. Is a film interesting, good enough, tedious, humiliating, even remotely funny? (Don’t answer that)

What exactly would move you though to TAKE THE PLEDGE, or risk anything except lurking about on the Internet? The true and extraordinary tragic love story of fluttering Phoenix Ark Press? Being a bit more Zen? Reading the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, (you know, machines with a Kickstarter motor), or discussing why my mate Tim is such a mean idiot for talking about certain people not having earned the right to be an artist, or complain, compared with the sufferings of him and the world? He should try being knifed in the back by a lover, an editor, a best London friend, fight on all fronts and survive! (Sort of.) But the point is Spirit is all.

Enough, reader help is required now, to PLEDGE or to please SPREAD THE WORD,because artists prefer proper publishing platforms and some peace too. But at least you can have a good laugh (I hope) at Kickstarter by CLICKING HERE

Tomorrow I’l talk more about story. I am going to bed!

Yours in humiliated exhaustion


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