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Hello all,

failing to hit even a 10% target (!), I’m afraid this never quite famous author is throwing in the towel, or at least throwing it at the camera and using Kickstarter and film to try and speak, to tell some truth about writers, human beings, publishing and the Internet too, even Kickstarter. I’ll still keep my promise to publish just to ebook this year.

You can see what I hope are just some frank words now though by CLICKING HERE.

Kickstarter’s tag line is “It’s Not Just A Project. It’s a story”. What could be truer at ‘The Storyteller’s publisher’ too, Phoenix Ark, which sadly and very stupidly stopped (or was made to stop) telling stories?! Much the problem of crossing the lines of fact and fiction and never become the story yourself!

So to a refusal to beg though and to the back story behind Light of The White Bear too and this attempt here, which, to use an appropriate arctic metaphor, for a long delayed novel about polar bears and melting worlds, is the very tip of the iceberg! To thoughts of what real gratitude is too, any ‘right’ to be an artist or succeed but out of the most basic attack on principle and a person by a major New York Publisher.

Words then to Michael Jacobs, now the Chairman of a campaign against American censorship(!), when this story epitomizes the very meaning of censorship, bullying and ultimately injustice too. I mean that most specifically about a story that could and should have stopped years ago and was not in some spy world, or the US military, but a world of supposedly human values, in books and publishing. I told them long ago Americans always use a hammer to crack a nut.

Words also directly to ‘Justice’ Cynthia Kern of the New York Supreme court too and why she so failed in her job early last year.

Thanks for listening and so many thanks to those you opened their hearts! Never lose the girl, and be nice to each other.



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