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Perhaps coming home for everyone begins at that point when you start to read local and international news again. So we met two headlines on EasyJet, one about Julian Assange and David Cameron’s remarks about his time in the Ecuadorian Embassy, another about the brave girls of the Pussy Riot in Moscow.

It would be truly courageous if Assange were to walk straight through the embassy doors right now and face the music, because if not he will make a mockery of British laws, but also undermine all the arguably valuable work Wikileaks has done. He has lost ground all over the place in terms of remarks about his personality and motives. It could only be to his credit, and the media focus itself is protection against any dodgy dealings at a trial for sexual offences. The argument against of course is that the whole thing has been drummed up by America in order to nab him for far more serious offences, in their book, and around it coalesce many important arguments about the Internet and what freedom of speech and information really are.

Equally the Russian Courts should immediately suspend the absurd two-year sentence against the protestors of The Pussy Riot. Politicians and celebrities alike are bending over backwards to give their support, and the spotlight must be kept up on those very brave and also pretty faces and eyes in their balaclava’s, but they are already important symbols in the struggle for truth and human freedom. If the state must at times stress the value of law, even in this case to the extent of wrapping the girls somehow over the knuckles, perhaps, no signatory to a European Treaty on Human Rights can allow such a sentence and the thing has already backfired.

Perhaps, if he is a crusader for truth and justice and he dared step off Ecuadorian soil in London, Mr Assange should openly wear a pink balaclava.


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