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Just a little play on the Stratford-Oxford thing, but we wonder if that other man from Oxford, the man from Manches Law firm, is still on the Abrams’ payroll and following the blog. We say Hi, if he is. For his information, most interest, though we have had a wonderful response to the Shakespeare work, is now firmly directed to the Phoenix-Abrams thing, headlining a blog. So you see, our so called libels are well and truly ‘out there’. Attack, or apologise and compensate, end of story. Then even an apology admits liability, and since all they care about is money and their bits of ‘power’, that’s why a chain of lies or half truths began long ago from Abrams editors, in the business of mangling their own very distressed author, and removing a publisher who tried to do the right thing.

We know life should not be about the law, especially the business of publishing good stories, not even contracts, but it would take Homer Simpsons on acid not to understand why those relationships went wrong, and where it really started, in the Hew, Screw and Glue care and respect for nothing. As for the dreaming spires, no doubt what our Manches friend loves is the payroll, quite understandably for a jobbing lawyer, and we do commend his love of The Flaming Lips, like dear old Tara Break, or bad old DCD. Although none of that had to happen and could have stopped so easily, nothing is inevitable, each one of us is extraordinary, if we try, and we also remind him what Mercutio said of fingers and lawyers who “straightway dream on fees.” Oh, now I see Queen Mab hath been with you…


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