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THIS YEAR, 2012, sees the end of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, prophesying some hugely significant event, seen 1300 years ago, and inscribed on the Tortuguero stele in Mexico. Millions around the World know about it, and have waited to see what it heralds. Could the Mayan Calendar, the great Baktun Cycle, have really foreseen something in the Stars, something unfolding over 5000 years, and is December 21st this year, the Winter Solstice, to witness no less than the End of the World? Other legends revolve around thirteen real Crystal Skulls too, of Mayan, Aztec and Toltec origin, in famous museums and private collectors’ hands, right around the World: The Skull of Doom, ET, Max and Micantelcuti. These things are not just myth, but fact, and though used in Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, their real story is yet to be told…

It is the the very close future, in a World gripped by economic unrest and mounting terror, but in Washington, Dan Fabian, FBI systems man, is getting bizarre email invitations, Webworld Tickets, to join a strange treasure hunt, to crack a God Code, and to play a Game that will change his life forever. Simultaneously, a Crystal Skull is stolen from the Smithsonian Institute, and an attempt made on a Skull in the British Museum, as his twin brother Mark is kidnapped, during a World Cup football match in Brazil, live on TV. Mark Fabian and other pampered World Sportsmen are being made to play a very different sort of Game, a Game of Life and Death, somewhere in the ancient but dwindling jungles of Central America. On to the World stage appears a strange organisation, The Imaginati, a strange, semi-financial website that challenges all the rules of Banking, and a Council with a very mysterious purpose indeed.

If the battle now is belief versus science, spirit versus materialism, from the pen of award-winning fantasy author, David Clement-Davies, comes a Mayan Da Vinci Code, a thriller with a philosophic edge, that nails the story of the Skulls and the Mayan Calendar forever. Read it, spread the word, join the hunt, even change your life forever, it may be your last chance to read anything at all!


The cover image, Godhead Game title and text are in the Copyright of David Clement-Davies and Phoenix Ark Press.

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