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Michael Jacobs, CEO at Abrams and an old Yale man, fond of studying rivers, is one of the speakers on the Yale Book Course this year, to draw on the talents of the great and the good in American publishing. Did he have the guts to tell the truth though, about what happened with leading author David Clement-Davies, why Howard Reeves was removed, or why he paid two prominent New York firms of attorneys to totally distort the events of 2008 and 2009? Why he instructed an entire firm not to read an honest blog too, but simultaneously attacked Phoenix Ark Press through UK lawyers Manches. He is an expert in the attempted cover up but every time Abrams have fought shy of the courts, because they know the truth very well.

The man is a natural bully too, so disliked by Howard Reeves, Susan Van Metre and Tamar Brazis, whose little internal conspiracy against David he used completely, to remove Howard Reeves eventually, before he was forced to back down. His blogs on Coleridge and Wordsworth, as if he were any guardian of literature or writers, are a complete insult. Can he really hide the truth of strange and sad events in late 2009 though, the man who comes out with pseudo humble American phrases like ‘God willing’? His reaction was humanly disgusting and filled with cowardice too, as you might expect. Those are the events that one of his attorneys, Edward Davis, provenly lied about on paper before the New York Supreme Court and Justice Cynthia Kern earlier this year, 2013. Clearly at Abrams the plots thicken but are they all as bad as Diary of A Wimpy Kid?


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