Blogging, publishing, advertising or selling out?

What’s the difference between a blog and ‘real publishing’? Some friends say they’d rather suck lemons than read blogs, and wonder why so many people think their lives, or their words, so interesting or important. After having my voice so distorted, I’m rather on the side of freedom of speech, as a very first principle, and the best blogs are actually like books, or little self publishing satelites. Then comes any confusion here between a private blog, and a new publishing website. You assume any publisher bringing out books is effectively plugging its own choices, although Phoenix Ark have not yet started trading, but the reason for a blog/website is not only expense, but a publisher led by its artist and creatives, founded for and with respect for authors. So too an attempt to kick start a debate, or certainly a conversation among readers, writers, independent publishers, even the giants, about freedom, books, quality and the market place. Phoenix Ark hope as many as possible will join, young and old, corporate or independent. In time the founder’s ‘blogging’ voice will drop away, and let all our books and authors speak for themselves, but there’s a vital debate to be had. Is the world publishing too much, is quality coming to the front, how are writers protected in a cut-throat and often cynical environment, and does the little guy, or the little publisher, have a chance inside the machine, with booksellers, reps and distributors, to reach its readers and survive commericially? The books and stories are what count, vitally, but perhaps only time will tell if Phoenixes go up in flames, although those mythical beasts, in the best sense, always have the especially persistent and magical talent of rising from the ashes and spreading their wings!

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