Dragons in Dens and joining the story

Those who know the Brit tv addiction Dragon’s Den, and interested in the baby Phoenix, will be delighted to know that another investor hopped on board today. He was convinced that conventional publishers are shooting themselves in the foot, by their aggression and over control, that drives out the talent in the end. That stories too, one day, will come from the source. Bravo!

Talking of dragons, come and join Phoenix Ark for a brand new adventure, free. If Charles Dickens or Conan Doyle could create stories, as they lived their lives, and hoped to grip the reader as they were serialised, so we hope to as well. Click on DRAGON POST, in the pages on the top right, or if you are just on this page, click Pheonix Ark Blog right at the top, and be the first to join a story, as it unfolds! It is raw, largely unedited, was written and posted immediately, and as a kind of storytelling Masterclass, will only be changed as later bits of the story fall into place. Please send in your approval, horror, worries or suggestions for where you want it to go, although the author can promise nothing about what he finds out on the fiery journey. Or try the link

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