Somehow the full story of Phoenix Ark has to be heard, one day, which it won’t if the Phoenix doesn’t take wing, and as one reader wrote, ‘may nobody be deprived of their voice’! Or their dreams either, and a dream last night about someone he loved in New York reminded Phoenix’s founder what this was always about, and why it was such a disaster. Abrams may publish glossy Fairy Tales, but nobody there really believes in them. We do, but the founder and Phoenix authors may not be able to truly fight back without as much support as possible. YOURS. It really does mean direct ‘reader power’, not just in shaping a publisher with some of your thoughts, and interests, but supporting us by spreading the word, far and wide. We won’t forget it. So we’re going to ask real fans of David Clement-Davies’s books, and those excited by the serialized Dragon Press, or other coming titles, to talk about Phoenix Ark. To act now and tell a friend, one favourite teacher, perhaps, or the most intelligent adult you know, about the website, and ask them to do the same. A kind of ‘Chain Letter’ of voices, where there’s nothing at all to be won except a sense of engagement, an interactive dialogue about books, and perhaps a new approach to how things are done ‘out there’, or should be. Openness and direct engagement are essential. We’re not selling any books yet, only the grass-roots passion of storytellers trying to make a noise, and the belief that vital work must not be disrespected by the people with the money, power or important job titles. That although editors, designers, anyone in a process are important, it absolutely starts with the writer, and that always needs vital care. The book world is upside down,because it is being lead by the search for money before meaning. As for older readers, who might have learnt a more cynical view of the world, or know that we need a profile too, the proof of the pudding is only in the eating, and the books that Phoenix produce, across the board. But responses on this whole approach, criticisms, thoughts and a view on the Thumbmarks style are most welcome, and gratefully received. The Wildcall logo should be on view soon. Many thanks and we’re off for some countryside inspiration, so enjoy the weekend and share some stories.

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