Cheering us on!

‘Picked up The Sight in 7th grade about 8 years or so ago and it’s been my most prized book out of all the books I own. Fell was just as great. Firebringer is another one that is beautifully written and also graces my shelves. I was extremely disappointed when Scream of the White Bears wasn’t released in the U.S. It was the book that I was most looking forward to reading. I hope it gets the release in the U.S. that it deserves. I’ll keep checking back for news. Keep on writing this wonderful world. One that’s kept me enthralled for years.’ ~Buwie

It makes such a difference to hear. It may be a while to get my writing life back, after the two-year Abrams scandal, and give myself and other Phoenix authors the very best shot at publication, so doing what we do best, being allowed to write and create. But I’m sorry for disappointing, please hang in there, and help to make this your publisher too, by spreading the word! Thank you for taking the time to write. DCD

Explaining to younger readers: For anyone I’ve dissapointed in cancelling Scream originally, because books seem to magically appear in shops, perhaps Phoenix should try to explain. Writers too have to eat and survive, and apart from the writing time, to publish independently means getting the best chance with reps, who sell books, and with shops, who work on long time frames for orders, as shops do with any ‘product’. We still believe dedicated writers are far more than just products, and should be treated as such, which is why we have broken away from the often cynical giants like Abrams and Amulet, though that is a very particular story.

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